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Why Choose Us?
No Rollovers
Unscrupulous lenders sometimes have a policy of rolling over loans when a payment isn't made. Due to compound interest this can raise the cost of your loan literally exponentially, causing grave financial harm. We pledge to never engage in the practice of rollovers.

Fast Approval
You can usually expect to hear an answer from us within 15 minutes of submitting your screen capture information. Often our system will be able to approve you without human intervention in which case you will be notified of your acceptance within the screencap application.

Money Arrives Fast
Depending on who you bank with, sometimes we're actually able to send you funds on the day that you apply. In the worst case scenario you will never have to wait more than a single business day to see the funds arrive in your account.
What We Need
Assurance Of Repayment
Before we lend to someone we need to know that the debt will probably be repaid. These factors come down to these basic elements:
  • Confidence in identity
  • A stable cashflow
  • Financial health

How We Get It

To establish identity we need to be able to send funds to your account with your name and we need to see a credit report. That's the primary reason that we will be looking at your credit.To ensure that you have a stable cashflow we have to look at your recent banking history. That's why we need to see your screen capture from your online banking.

Financial health is a harder value to measure, either subjectively or quantitatively. We will assess both your bank statement and your credit report for factors, but we can tell you that problems with your credit report are not critically important to our process.

Borrowing Sensibly
Not A Long Term Strategy

Borrowing a payday loan can be helpful for short term problems. The interest rates reflect the sort of risk and processing fees that we take on every time we issue a payday loan.

On the other hand, over a long time period those fees can add up. At 15% when you take out 7 loans in a year you are actually paying more in interest than you earn in a single paycheck. More often than not when you are looking at a situation like this you are better off cutting corners mercilessly to hang on until your next paycheck finally arrives.

Don't Borrow Too Much

The amount you borrow will have to be paid back, and if that amount including interest doesn't leave you enough for the bare necessities you will be in trouble. That may lead you you taking out another payday loans, and another, and another.

We do our best to mitigate this risk by never lending more than 50% of anyone's take home pay but this doesn't preclude you from borrowing from another lender at the same time. It's important that you are responsible when it comes to making that decision and never overextending yourself.

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